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Indoor Rules and Classes
Baltimore County Trail Riders

2017 Indoor Classes/Race Order

1. * Open Sportsman (No B Riders)

2. 50cc- Shaft, 4-8 years
3. 85cc, 7-15 years

4. Women (150cc MAX, Air/Water, 4-stroke, 16 years and up)
5. 50cc- Chain 4-8 years

6. 65cc, 7-11 years

7. Adult 100cc (150cc MAX, 4-stroke,  NO PRO's)

8. Youth 100cc (150cc MAX, 4-stroke, 12-15 years)
9. *  A/Pro 150cc Air Cooled

10. 250/Open B (250-505cc)
11. * 125cc Max 2 Stroke, 150cc MAX, Air/Water, 4-stroke
12. * 40+
13. * 250 A&B (No Pro's)
14. * 450cc A&B (251-505cc NO Pro's)

15. Vintage (16+ 125-400, Pre 1989)
16. ** Pro/Pro Sport (250-505cc)


* Timed Practice for qualifying

** Time Trials for qualifying



1. Any rider causing a red flag due to a crash in their heat race may be disqualified, at the discretion of the referee. A rider causing a red flag in a semi or final will be sent to the penalty line if less than halfway through the race. The same rider causing a second red flag will be disqualified.
2. Green Starting Light will be used. When linesman is off track, the green light will be displayed, with no movement from any one rider.
3. Any rider crossing the line before the green light will proceed to the penalty line in a cautious and deliberate manner.
4. Any stage burnouts, by placing front wheel on a stationary object after the starting chute, are prohibited. Riders will be sent to the penalty line.
5. No bicycles, skateboards, unicycles, mopeds, or other wheeled vehicles, are permitted at Timonium State Fairgrounds, Violators will be asked to leave. ABSOLUTELY NO PIT RIDING. Riders may be subject to disqualification.
6. No kerosene heaters or gas cans allowed inside the Cow Palace.
7. ABSOLUTELY No Antifreeze. You will be tested at the door before you are permitted in the arena. If found to have antifreeze later, inside the arena, you will automatically be disqualified.
8. No kickstands or front brakes (50cc class only exception) on motorcycles.
9. Proper riding apparel required. Helmet, eye protection, long-sleeve jersey, pants (preferably with hip and knee pads), and boots that protect the ankles.
10. IF a rider does not report to the starting line, and doesn’t have a representative in the starting chute requesting time, the two-minute grace period will be waived.
11. ABSOLUTELY NO riders’ mechanic, family or crew, will be permitted on the racetrack during a race. This will lead to an automatic disqualification of the rider and the violator will be asked to leave.
12. No three (3) digit numbers or any letters allowed on number plates. Number plate backgrounds must be white or yellow.
13. AMA and District cards, or Pro-Sport/Pro cards required.
14. Riders may ride FOUR (4) eligible classes MAXIMUM.
15. No refund after practice has started.
16. Any inappropriate behavior or language by the rider or crew will result in immediate disqualification and removal from the premises.
17. Only classes with NINE (9 ) or more entries will run a semi-final race.

Additional Details

All bikes must pass sound test.
Youth classes and 250/Open B are Trophy Classes.
Adult 50cc, Adult 100cc and Women classes are 50% PAYOUT, with 50% going to BCTRA Scholarship Fund.
SIGN UP - $35 Money Classes, $30 Trophy Classes
SIGN UP – 3:00 – 5:00 pm
PRACTICE: 4:15 – 5:30 pm; RIDERS MEETING: 5:45 pm
TIME TRIALS: 6:00pm (40+, 125cc, 250cc, 450cc, open Sportsman, PRO)
RACES BEGIN: 7:00 pm